Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No life for a writer

Two of my friend posted nice comments.

One of them is a childhood friend.

He quoted Dushyant Kumar's sher.

" Jis tarah chahe bajao is sabha mein.

Hum nahin hain aadmi hum jhunjhune hain."

It was perhaps written in context with politics.

But I think its true for Tv channels also.

Few channels, few creatives and few EPS think we are JHUNJHANE...


But Abbas adds and i completly agree with him.

"This is corporate world banbhu.
Writing or no writing,it is just the same.We all are numbers not people."


Its not about writing ..its about numbers.

And I am just a number.

Any one can come and replace me at any time and still i write.


Another friend... a successfule movie writer commented:

"Writing is a NO WIN situation." Jeffery Boam (Hollywwod writer of Indiana Jones / Lethal Weapon


Yes ... films i have not written.

TV ... and theatre ... I have.

and theatre is the best for writer..

If one is lucky one gets Utaran and Lagi Tujh se lagan...

And even if one tries his best Swarg turns out to be nark.

No one can save a show which has no conviction of story telling..

A conviction can make Amar Akbar Anthony also a hit.

Baki toh raam hi rakhe

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