Monday, March 7, 2011

Nakusha.. Ajeeb Nahin Lagta Yeh Naam

People watch her. They like the show. But they don't remember the title of the show.
Many elders in my society call it as "Nakusha or Nakusha datta wala show."
Strange it is.
A title that appears on screen for more than a year...
“Laagi Tujhse Lagan”
They cannot remember it easily. But name of the character Nakusha is their on the lips.
Who gave her this name? Don't know.
Nakusha means.. (I understood it this way.) Nakusha is “Na- koshi ” नकोशी... Unwanted.
Her grandmother called her Nakoshi.
Second girl child in a family of labourer/ maid.
How can she not be Nakoshi?
I sometimes feel like comparing Nakusha and Ichchha.
One how hisses and bites to protect herself and her husband. That’s Nakusha
And the other who is to be taught to hiss at the age of 22. That’s Ichchha.
Nakusha... Ajeeb nahin lagta yeh naam!