Friday, July 31, 2009

Lets tell a predictable story!!

Is the story predictable?
When the promos of Utaran with grown up Ichchha and Tapasya went on air, a friend’s daughter called me and asked me, “Are they going to fall in love with the same man? Is Tapasya going to get married to the man Ichchha loves?”
Veer or Sid were yet to enter in their life.
When Veer entered into the life of Tapasya, another viewer, 11 years old predicted that Veer has come to see Tapasya but he will fall in love with Ichchha.
Much before Veer realizes he has fallen in love. He seems to be little lazy. (Lol)


When Sia was thrown out of the house by Amma jee… I knew that she will come back to the haveli to take the revenge.
When Vidya of aapki Antara is getting ready for a dinner with her husband and he enters with Antara after getting the medical report, I knew that what they would never go out for dinner tonight.
When there is a high drama around hope or happiness one can sense that the end will be just opposite.
When a hope is created that Archana of Pavitra Rishta will get married to Manav, and one knows that finally they are going to fall in love, but one can still predict that end of episode all the hope will be shattered.

I think I have made my point clear. We are telling a predictable story.
Not just the story is predictable, we make it more predictable through our promos and coming ups.
Still people watch them. They are glued to Nanis and Ammajis.
Why is it so?
The best example I remember is of a play, “Oedipus Rex.” I knew the story and the end everything still for 2 hours I was completely absorbed by the twists and turns. It is one of the best examples of telling a known story. The myth was known to the audience of Sophocles. Its known to us also. Yet every moment you are on the edge. Its not just the craftsmanship.
How to tell the predictable story and still make it interesting that is our job.
Don’t we all experience the highs and lows while reading the same novel or play third or fourth time? A great work of art has a shelf life. Unfortunately TV does not have a shelf life. Its like a daily news paper.
Have we told any such story recently that is available on DVD?
One of my friends used to caution me, “don’t try to write for posterity!! You are writing for TV.”
Still I wish DVDs of our shows will be on shelf someday. Till the time the opportunity comes let’s tell the most predictable story in slightly unpredictable way.
I know I a not a Sophocles and I am not happy about it.
Before I post I want to add what I found on net about predictability.
“Personally I think a good author can pull it off and bad authors use it (Predictability) as a crutch.”

“The details are what make them work.”

“Interesting writing is always interesting, even if you know what the character is going to do next.”


  1. human nature loves vicarious pleasure. we like watching other people cry knowing that we are not the ones crying. we love people manipulating each other knowing we are not a part of the game going on the TV screen.
    thats why predictable stories told in a great way still draw crowds. Relationships in life have a predictable cycle of game playing and manipulation. I guess thats why predictable stories well told still draw viewers.

  2. i think viewers love the story when its not just a train of events but portrays genuine human emotions and transformation of hearts.
    i hope that Uttaran does not turn out to be a story of revenge but a story showing how love transforms both Tapasya and Iccha. So that Tapasya shakes of her belief that should get everything at all cost and Iccha gets rid of her habit of making sacrifices.

  3. Are you still writing for Uttaran?I will be really surprised if its still you seeing the way this story has gone so started as a simple story, the dream of a little girl to find her destiny... and now its fast on its way to becoming a typical saas-bahu-sis in law traps. WHY?Why did you have to spoil such a wonderful theme with so many plots? If you created the character of Iccha, why cant you finally make her stand up for herself - just once atleast in life?