Friday, July 31, 2009

Arm Twisting Writing

Sorry Ishita
Before I post anything I need to apologies Ishita for I forgot to mention her name in my earlier blog, “I am sorry…”
She has also done a wonderful job and I clearly remember people were more sympathetic towards her in those days of jealousy.
Generally I restrict my views to the characters only and do not comment on the actors portraying them. I feel that is not the purpose of writing the blog.
But I think I got carried away.
So Sorry Ishita. You have given life to some wonderful moment in Utaran.
I like character of Tapasya.
But our viewers like the characters who cry endlessly on screen.
That’s why we make lives difficult of Sia, Archna, Damini, Ichchha, and Chiraiya.
Sometimes I feel we get paid for twisting the arm of the heroine and make her cry.
There is something interesting about developing a plot. I read it on net. You also read it.
Writing looks funny if one looks at it this way.
The aim of an episode is to chase your characters up a tree and then hurl rocks at them. Just make life more and more problematical for your characters - and just when they think they've solved the problem... make it worse.


  1. It's funny how I was making jokes about this predicament yesterday. I guess TV writing will give a chronic sadist some delightful hours of absolute ecstacy.

  2. Well I disagree with that. The viewers are not sadists wanting to see the people cry. Rather they are a bunch of emotional people who are desperate to see the characters get some relief so they keep on waiting for something good to happen. And then the finances come in, since the viewes are watching why not cash on the current plot why take the risk with a new plot.I dont know on which level the decision takes place. But viewers alone are not be blamed. Rather I find that the writer blames that viewers want to see this and the Viewers say that they see this as it is whats available.
    So I would request the writers to take the lead and break the mould