Saturday, May 23, 2009

Ichchha, We Ignored You.

Sorry we ignored you.

All the time we are busy in developing jealousy between you and your friend. But we conveniently ignored you. We gave you tears only.
Neither your mother wants you to be happy nor us.
Your unhappiness is our success.
Do you know the man you are in awe of is hiding the biggest secret of your life..?
When you went to request Jogi to give Tapasya a new cycle, you were late by few seconds. Jogi was telling his wife that I am the one who is responsible for the death of Ichchha’s father. You missed it. The art of story telling allowed you to enter …. But little late!!!

Jogi: But it was an accident. I didn’t kill him deliberately.

So what Mr Jogi? Are you not avoiding to take the responsibility?

Jogi: I am doing everything for them.. Got Ichchha admitted in the best of the school... Giving her everything that my daughter gets.

Yes America always does so. First it kills and then sends the aids on humanitarian ground.

Dear Papu alias Jogi ji

You are doing just that..

And let me ask you one thing, why are not allowing me to talk to Ichchha.

Listen, I am sympathetic towards you.. to all of you including Nani when I write. But give me at least some space here.

I am talking to Ichchha you know!!


You are being fooled by everybody.

The gifts, the education, the comfort… all because of your father’s body found it's death beneath the wheels of car of Jogi Thakur.

Your mother will never tell you this because we don’t write any such scene
It does not fit into the scheme of things you know..
Your mother has been brought up in an environment where she cannot fight with her master. She doesn’t know how to fight. For generations Daminis have lived like that.
So we cannot write a scene where she will come to you and tell you everything about Jogi and Divya.

We want you to grow up by the time IPL ends..

So grow up baby… fast… fast…. Time is running out.

You have 8 years of growing between a Thursday and a Monday or may be just one day!!

The mould is set. You just melt your soul and fit yourself into it.

Ever smiling and never doubting Ichchha is waiting in the wings…

Please welcome young, charming, vivacious Ichchha.

And good bye to Ichki…

Tumhari hichkiyaan sunai nahin dengi Ichki!!

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